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Papa Newt

Intuitive Reader

Papa Newt, an intuitive psychic from the Omaha area, is a naturally gifted psychic.  He has been trained in Bone Casting, Hypnosis, Reiki, Cartomancy, along with many other forms of divination.  With a turn of the cards or a toss of the bones, he will look into your situation and answer questions about money, love, career or any other area of your life that you have questions about.  His bone casting skills are unique to the Midwest, extremely  entertaining and uncannily accurate.

I will be available for 30 minute private readings on Friday, March 27th and on Saturday, March 28th at “Whispers – Heal your World, 1702 Woodland Ave, Des Moines.   Call Gayle at (515) 288-1366 for pricing and availability.

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