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I am a psychic medium living in Omaha, NE, who has been intuitive most of my life.  I was able to see and talk to those who have crossed over, but dismissed it because I thought everyone could see and talk to the deceased.  It wasn’t until my early 30’s when I realized I was having psychic and mediumistic experiences.  After an “awakening”, I began searching for answers and reasons for these experiences and became aware of my multi-faceted abilities as a psychic medium.  I believe in compassionately sharing my gift with others in an effort to help people heal and grow.  A reading should always be a healing experience. Your loved ones want to communicate with you just as you want to communicate with them.  Sometimes it’s the person you least expect who actually shows up!  I ask that you come with an open mind and ready to receive the messages that are meant for you on that day.

Kristi will be doing private readings on Friday February 28th and Saturday, February 29th at “Whispers – Heal your World” 1702 Woodland Ave in Des Moines.  She will also be doing a small group reading  on Friday night from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Call Gayle at (515) 288-1366 for pricing and available times.

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