My name is Randall Blackman and I am the creator and event facilitator for “Psychic Thursday”. I created “Psychic Thursday” after experiencing something similar while living in the Philadelphia area. After moving back to Iowa in 2014, I realized that the Des Moines area had nothing like this , but was definitely ready for it. I believe that Spirit moves in many different ways and thru many types of people in order to lift us up, inspire us, help us grow and put us on the path to wholeness

Our first series of events, in the fall of 2017, were an incredible success with several evenings being completely sold out. People were able to enjoy an awe inspiring evening while experiencing the delicious food and friendly service of Gilroy’s. My original plan was to present another series in the fall of 2018. However, due to popular demand, we realized that we needed to arrange a spring and a fall series. The 2018 series included a spring series of 5 performers, summer “pop-up” events and a fall series with 6 performers. I have been blessed to work with some incredibly gifted individuals over the years and I am pleased to announce that many of them will be joining us at Gilroy’s in 2019.

Please go to our events page and read about the amazing people that will be sharing their gifts with you this spring. Make your reservations early, as we expect every night to sell out quickly. My goal is for you to be entertained, inspired, educated and uplifted. If you have any questions, please, email me at PsychicThursdayWDM@gmail.com or call me at 515-778-9618. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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