CLAIRVOYANT/EMPATH  Thursday, from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

I have been reading the Tarot for almost 40 years.  As a Clairvoyant and Empath, I am able to see and feel a person’s past, present and possible future.  I can intuitively tap into a person’s energy and use my gifts to advise, counsel, encourage, educate and console. My clients are often amazed at my ability to speak directly to the heart of their matter and touch the very core of their being.  I offer a “one of a kind” psychic experience and I look forward to helping you become the best that you can be! Besides being a Reiki practitioner, I am also available to help you turn your home into a sacred space, by using a variety of energy clearing techniques that I have learned over my many years of study. Aside from planning “Psychic Thursday at Gilroy’s, I am also available for private tarot sessions, small parties, classes and special occasions!



FALL 2018

Jenna Matlin

September 13th – JENNA MATLIN


Jenna Matlin is the clairvoyant engine behind Queen of Wands Tarot.  Jenna is a life-long intuitive with over 20 years experience reading Tarot professionally.  As a full-time reader outside of Philadelphia, Jenna uses Tarot cards as her focus tools during readings.  Her intuitive readings are based on empowerment, clarity and choice while honoring spirit.  She combines her training in coaching and performance consulting with the ancient art of Tarot and her clairvoyant sense to create a event that is relevant, enlightening and entertaining.

Jenna is the author of ‘Have Tarot Will Travel’ and teaches tarot, clairvoyance, and other esoterica both online and in international conferences.


Rachel Corpus

September 27th – RACHEL CORPUS


Have you ever wanted to connect with loved ones that have passed? Would you like to know about your personal Angels and Guides. Meet Rachel Corpus, a psychic intuitive from West Des Moines, Iowa. Rachel specializes in Angel readings, tarot card readings, connecting to loved ones who have passed, and past life readings. Her passion is helping people discover their best lives and live into their divine purpose. Rachel’s clients appreciate her nonjudgmental, loving, and accepting attitude, as well as her accuracy and guidance.

Soul Touched By Robin



Greetings! I am Robin and I will be providing you the opportunity to view your aura and chakras, in real-time, as they shift and change.  Your aura is your spiritual signature, your personal vibration.  It’s the electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds your physical body.  Your seven chakras are the main energy centers of the body through which your life force circulates.  Chakras relate to different aspects of you – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I will read your spiritual signature for you and provide insights about your gifts and strengths, where imbalances are showing up, and how you can shift into a more fulfilling life!


Linda Ford

October 25th – LINDA A. FORD


Linda Ford has accumulated years of experience as a psychic counselor, coach and astrologer.  She can help you discover the life changing insight that you’ve been seeking.  Using your natal chart, Linda will help you navigate your life’s lessons and challenges while simultaneously uncovering the true meaning behind past, present and future events. Her coaching and spiritual wisdom will not only empower and motivate you, but will also provide you with long-term clarity.

November 8th – JAMIE COLLINS


A native of Kansas City, MO, psychic medium, Jamie Collins has been a student of the “spiritual arts” for as long as she can remember. Jamie’s work as a medium enables her to connect people with friends and family who are in spirit. She has the ability to bring through messages of validation with humor, compassion and healing. Jamie’s goal is to show you that the “Universe” is constantly speaking to us and that loved ones who have crossed over are always around.


Diana Ringo

November 15th – DIANA RINGO


Have you ever wondered about your past lifetimes, and what they mean? Certain people in your life are not there by accident. Helping people unlock their previous lifetimes and learn how they affect the current life is a special passion for Diana. She has thirty-five years’ experience with past life consultations. Also, she is adept at helping people communicate with their angels.

In addition to Iowa, Diana has conducted past life readings and workshops for people throughout the USA. Diana’s group presentations and gallery readings are fun and enlightening.